Consultancy Services - Database Management and Administration


We have specialist resources in database management working in large scale enterprise environments. This is for Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Express, and Sybase in a Windows or Unix environment.

We have the expertise available for support of data conversion, implementation and the daily operational running of your important database resource. Practical advice and support is available at the end of a telephone or in person, as needed.


Good database administration involves much more than keeping data available for use, other important factors are also involved:

Good preparation and review, through our consultancy and support arrangements, ensure that current and future operational environments operate reliably with no surprises in the future.

Our specialist knowledge is at a high level. During our normal customer contact we work actively with you to prevent future problems, rather than wait for your support call. Our approach is not to over-burden you with technicalities but provide creative and practical solutions to keep your data accessible and your systems fully operational.

The specific range of services we offer are:

Database consultancy contracts

AKM has a unique method to help customers obtain high level consultancy help easily. Instead of taking out an expensive monthly support contract, you may buy a minimum number of hours per month. We invoice you for any extra hour we are required to work for you. This gives you the level of support you require at an economical cost and you get access to skilled database professionals only when you need their help.

Please contact us for more details if required.