Vehicle Maintenance System

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Vehicle Maintenance System

At last, a Vehicle Maintenance software package that doesn't break your budget It is simple and easy to use and can meet the majority of your maintenance record requirements whilst keeping control of your stock, servicing and future maintenance activities.

AKM has the solution, our full package includes installation, training and support

Main features of the product include:

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The product has been specially designed for the Bus and coach industry, to help operators get control of maintenance records and operations easily and quickly, at a realistic start up cost. The system also keeps the workshop informed of up and coming service actions, so that important items are not missed.

It is available at one price with all modules including a level of service, no hidden charges, and the software product will handle any number of vehicles in a fleet without any restriction.

It keeps detailed vehicle information and the ability to schedule for all vehicles: any number of service, maintenance, or routine events based on different conditions, date and mileage intervals being the most common.

The system alerts to items which will need attention in the future, for example: upcoming service events based on mileage or date, mot, insurance and tax expiry dates: it isn't necessary to remember these from day to day - the system provides a plan of future essential actions immediately and the current progress.

Vehicle details

The system keeps comprehensive details of Vehicles for identification via fleet number, and can handle number plate changes.

Service Events and Actions

The maintenance system allows any event to be assigned to a vehicle, for example MOT date, Service dates, Tax Expiry, Insurance Expiry, Next inspection due date etc. Any event can be set up and assigned to a vehicle, when an action is completed it can be recorded in the system. Reports allow uncompleted actions (events) to be tracked and to show what needs to be done in a future period so that nothing gets overlooked.

PSV Inspections and Driver defect reporting

Provided as standard, are functions such as: PSV safety inspection information, VI annual tests, Maintenance checks, Driver defect reporting, the use of parts, service items, fitters time and costs, and reporting including service/maintenance statistics.

Operational reports

Comprehensive reporting is available including vehicle cost, parts and labour, parts warranty, routine servicing items and many others.

Stock Control

Stock control The system allows supplier, parts information, and quantities to be tracked for stock items, and also to assign parts for non-stock items to vehicles. The system can display the cost of ownership of a vehicle at any time. The system tracks stock receipts from suppliers and can also track parts which have a warranty.