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Group Transport Booking System for Community Transport

The Group Transport system was developed for users who wish to manage Group travel for customers who regularly make specific trips with pickups as individual journeys as well as contract bookings over a specific period of time.

It has many of the features of the Private Hire and Contracts System

It is specially designed for those customers who wish to schedule one or more vehicles or drivers to specific jobs; it is well suited to Community Transport operators who specialise in Group Hire and Brokerage type of work.

The Group Transport system concentrates on providing facilities for booking individual group or contract bookings for groups of customers. Since it requires the booking of individual vehicles with special facilities for disabled travellers, the Group Transport system also contains a scheduling system.

The scheduling system checks for correct allocation of vehicles and drivers and ensures there can be no double booking. Statistics reporting is available for journeys and passenger journeys. The system has the capability of producing invoices and linking to Sage Accounting systems if required.

The system handles typical Group Transport Bookings and Enquiries, Contracts, Vehicle and Driver scheduling, Resolution of Booking clashes, Drivers work tickets, Invoicing, completed job statistics collection, Driver, vehicle and job reports with ease.