Fuel Duty Rebate system

Epsom buses screen

Picture Courtesy of Epsom Coaches Limited

If you find the process of making your Fuel Duty Rebate or BSOG claims tedious You need the help of AKM's Fuel Duty Rebate System.

Contact us now and starting saving your time and effort in getting accurate Fuel Duty Rebate Claims completed.

What's in it for you: time to plan your business and not be tied to the manual work of creating your Fuel Duty Rebate claim makes for you.

AKM's Fuel Duty Rebate system makes the recording and process of making Fuel Duty Rebate claims straightforward. The system keeps track of all routes and journeys with variations, so that the system "knows" your services and can quickly calculate estimated and actual mileages and reports.


The Fuel Duty Rebate system is based around Timetables. You can either Import timetable information or enter new routes yourself via the Timetable Entry screen. Powerful editing features allow you to generate complete timetables quickly thus minimising the time needed to define your routes.

Route Mileages are quickly calculated for any number of routes, and for any period (up to a year). Distances are displayed on a per route weekly basis, with a total for the whole period.

To manage dropped and duplicated journeys, it couldn't be simpler: after entry of Date and Route for display, a list of journeys on that day and route is displayed. Details of the live and dead mileage for each journey is displayed. You can add or delete the Dropped / Duplicate totals for both live and dead, by clicking on a cell, or drop part of the route or dead mileage.

The system produces all the data required for the Department of Transport PSV310 and PSV311 forms for Estimated and Actual claims automatically, including comprehensive reporting to support any audit control. The Estimated Claim shows figures on a quarterly basis from a selected start date. The Actual Claim allows you to split up the results into as many as four periods, based on the particular dates you need.


The system allows management of fuel issue to vehicles. A vehicle is selected and date and the last issue of fuel to the selected vehicle are displayed so you can easily spot any mistakes in fuel sheets, the system also has built in checks.

The fuel reporting the system falls basically into two categories Consumption reports and Record Sheets (listing all fuel issued to selected vehicles). You can select reports for a particular vehicle all vehicles or Groups that you define. Reports can be made for any period, Miles or Kms, Gallons or Litres and there are many variations.