Solution Partners - Partners

We have included in this web site information about services of organisations that we use and have provided us with a professional service in developing our products, and are supportive to our business. We would like to thank them for their support.

As a software supplier we can be called upon to deal with questions in areas which support our business but fall outside our main focus of expertise. We make our best efforts to advise customers only within our area of business expertise. In situations where specialist expertise is required, we direct customers to our Solution Partners organisations.

Allies Computing

Allies Computing Ltd software and database product PostCoder can save your business time and money by offering fast and accurate address completion and location map display. The Company was established in 1986 and has been developing address management software for the UK ever since. They also develop Royal Mail's own UK Addresses software. AKM is an authorised reseller of Allies Computing products. Allies PostCoder software is used in the Mapping module of AKM's Community Transport system.

Computer Confidence

Computer Confidence provides system and infrastructure support to some of AKM's customers and:

Computer Confidence has a professional, and friendly approach to support business in all areas of I.T. They are known for their ethical attitude to work.

Rekam Technology

Rekam Technology has resources available for Database management either short or long term projects or consultancy advice. AKM can recommend their services and expertise.

For more information, contact AKM.